Friday, October 5, 2007

PHR mainstream in America? Going Global !!

It was a milestone event yesterday (4-Oct-2007) as Mr. Gates team unveiled a BETA product for PHRs. There has been a buzz about the industry of software and internet providers during last 5-6 months to get a "jump" on the market space. As we all have been impacted with a plethora of MS applications, it will be interesting to count how many hiccups and patches are required with this latest BETA.

As I digest the idea of `Philanthropic` Redmond WA executives (yet again) attempting to deliver a quick hit solution to major gap in the Medical Health IT field, it makes one wonder how the (older) practicing Dr's will embrace another gadget for the benefit of their patients. This is why we (VRSurgeon) have always set a high standard for our products: intuitive, quick and easy for all generations.

That is another point, this (PHR) is a service that must be centered on and for the patient. Look at how banking was revolutionized 10-15 years ago as security protocols provided means for transactions while sitting in the comfort & privacy of your home PC. The same is happening with Health Care today.

Simplicity, efficiency for the common citizen. This is bottom line.