Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents Day 2008... what was HealthCare 150 years ago?

If a reporter questioned US Presidential candidate about HealthCare in mid 1800's, what would be responses? I sense the concerns were even greater then.. just think, no anti-biotic, surgeons often were not formally educated, more over learned "in the trenches".

I suspect that Mr. Lincoln would have thought it was "Personal Responsibility" of each citizen to educate themselves on the organic medications, elixirs and other new age medicine. hospital centers were sprouting up in major cities and the skills of nursing, scientist were making rampant progress. Perhaps a similar state of change that is prevalent circa 2008?

Doubt that looking 150+ years to the future, anyone could predict that America finds itself in a cost burdened, non-standard, technically challenged Health System.

Take a quick peek @ these candidates thoughts.
Let me know your thoughts!