Saturday, November 1, 2008

Portable medical records for your Scholastic Athlete?

As my son applies to Universities during next few weeks, I get that sense of combined euphoria and angst. Pride mixed with fear on many levels. Some factors we as parents can keep within boundaries.

Others elements of college years were set in motion from actions and decisions we took for our kids 15 years ago! Whether that be setting good examples, signing up for perfect daycare program or investing a chunk of $$ into 'safe' mutual fund trying to offset the astronomical cost of Engineering schools.

However, I am very comfortable on one aspect as my two elder children have transitioned to past this milestone. A medical record, in electronic format has been created by us, the parents, that they as ADULTS will carry through out all phases of life.

All this being said, it does not alter any emotions as your son/daughter is on recieving end of intense tackle during the BIG game
From Soccer 2008 October

Enjoy all your fall sports and the memories of family time... peace of mind with PHR.. the WorldMedCard way