Friday, September 14, 2007

Microchips : Transponders cause of tumors in animals? Canada perspective

As the FDA long ago approved implanting microchips in humans, the manufacturer said it would save lives.... Progress ??
News from Yahoo Canada 11-Sep-2007

To date, about 2,000 of the so-called radio frequency identification, or RFID, devices have been implanted in humans worldwide, according to VeriChip Corp. The company, which sees a target market of 45 million Americans for its medical monitoring chips, insists the devices are safe, as does its parent company, Applied Digital Solutions, of Delray Beach, Fla.

Recent CBS Morning Show featured the VeriChip company:

The internet is a secure and proven method for storing, retrieving and updating critical information.
Why store sensitive information on a chip implanted in your body?
Would you implant a chip to store your Social Security #??

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Mel said...

I believe that they do. Our dog has a microchip in her neck. She all the sudden has a gigantic tumor that has grown in ONE week in the exact same spot the microchip was injected. I don't know what we will do at this point but we will never microchip another animal!